Computational and Mathematical Methods – Special Issues (ANSCSE24)

You are encouraged to submit a full paper to publish in Computational and Mathematical Methods (Wiley). More Information:
For full paper submission in Computational and Mathematical Methods, please go to the submission page on the journal website and select Special Issues: “Computational Methods for Large-Scale Nonlinear Problems”, add “ANSCSE24” in the cover letter to editors: Poom Kumam & Jesùs Vigo Aguiar.

Computational Methods for Large-Scale Nonlinear Problems 
Guest Editors: Poom Kumam & Jesùs Vigo Aguiar
It is undoubted that mathematical problems in the last decade grew remarkably larger due to both the advances in the technology as well as the ability to generate and collect data. This has allowed us to obtain highly realistic empirical models. As a consequence, the vast availability of the data reveals several difficulties in solving the problems caused by the high nonlinearity, dimensionality and complexity. This challenges several researchers to develop new computational methods that are capable of handling such complication. This Special Issue is calling for the novel contributions in Computational Methods for Large-Scale Nonlinear Problems which includes almost any methods of HPC as well as interesting applications to computer science, data science and machine learning, economics, finance, physical and life sciences, engineerings and medicine.

Please find the full Call for Papers here
Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2021
For more information, contact the Guest Editors: Poom Kumam or Jesùs Vigo Aguiar

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