• ANSCSE24: PFD Abstract, BIO Abstract and CHE Abstract
  • Full paper will be published in Special issue of Thai Journal of Mathematics index by SCOPUS, Computational and Mathematical Methods index by ISI, Journal of Science and Science Education
  • Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Nawee Kungwan , Dr. Supareak Praserthdam, Assoc. Prof. Panida Surawatanawong, Assoc. Prof. Theerapong Puangmali, Asst. Prof. Thanyada Rungrotmongkol, Asst. Prof. Nadtanet Nunthaboot; Co-chairman: Dr. Thana Maihom, Asst. Prof. Veeramol Vailikhit, Dr. Nongpanga Jarussophon, Asst. Prof. Bundet Boekfa

April 29, 2021 15.00-15.30

PFD-P-01         Assc. Prof. Pairot Moontragoon
Extremely localized basis functions for band structure calculations and an approximated case: Finite difference approximation
BIO-P-01          Nikorn Shinsuphan
Free Energy Calculations of Melatonin Permeation through Niosome Bilayers: A Molecular Dynamics Study
BIO-P-02          Napat Kongtaworn
Computational study of N501Y mutation in receptor binding domain of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein binding to human angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 receptor
BIO-P-03          Amy Oo
In silico and in vitro studies on inclusion complexation of anthraquinone derivatives with β-cyclodextrin derivatives

April 29, 2021 15.30-16.00

BIO-P-04          Duangjai Todsaporn
Computational screening of next-generation Epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors
BIO-P-05          Saowalak Somjid
Temperature effect on the structure and dynamics of melatonin inside niosome bilayers: A molecular dynamics approach
BIO-P-06          Utid Suriya
Lomitapide, a Lipid-Lowering Agent May Have Clinical Significance Towards the Cure of P38α MAPK-Related Diseases

CHE-P-01         Dr. Teeranan Nongnual
Rotated Baseline Calculations for the Water Sliding AngleMeasurement of a Rough Surface

April 29, 2021 16.00-16.30

CHE-P-02         Dr. Pornsawan Sikam
DFT study on the effect of 3d-transition metals doping in ZnO monolayers for the CO2 reduction reaction
CHE-P-03         Dr. Yutthana Wongnongwa
Reaction Mechanism of n-Pentane Aromatization over Ga Embedded H-ZSM-5 Zeolite using DFT Calculations
CHE-P-04         Shokirbek Shermukhamedov
Modelling Electron Transfer Reactions Inside Carbon Nanotubes: Molecular Dynamics Simulations
CHE-P-05         Mookda Meechai
Aldol condensation of acetone and benzaldehyde: the effect of ethanol solvent

April 29, 2021 16.40-17.10

CHE-P-06         Komkrit Anurak      
Adsorption of Hydrocarbon Molecules on 2D Metal–Organic Framework M3HAB2 (M = Fe, Co, Ni and Cu) Analyzed by Frontier Molecular Orbital
CHE-P-07         Yuwanda Injongkol
The mechanism of CO2 hydrogenation over the Pt-decorated boron nitride nanosheets: A DFT study
CHE-P-08         Muhammad Dzulfahmi Ramadhan
Density functional study of metal Lewis acid complexes for hydrogen activation and ethylene hydrogenation
CHE-P-09         Krongkwan Nilwanna
Computational Study: The Use of Clinic Drugs and Ginger-Family Plant against SARS-CoV-2 Mpro Enzyme via Molecular Docking Method

April 29, 2021 17.10-17.40

CHE-P-10         Pattraporn Srirattanasakunsuk
Adsorption of di and trihydroxybenzenes inside the UiO-66-SO3H Metal Organic Framework: An ONIOM study
CHE-P-11         Mattanun Sangkhawasi
Molecular Dynamics Simulations on the Glass Transition Temperatures of Polyethylene terephthalate and Polyethylene vanillate
CHE-P-12         Munchalika Jaitrong
Molecular Docking studies of Berberine derivative as novel multi target PCSK9 and HMGCR inhibitors
CHE-P-13         Chirawat Chitpakdee
Machine learning-based high throughput screening of modified graphenes as electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction

April 29, 2021 17.40-18.20

CHE-P-14         Thanadol Jitwatanasirikul
A Mechanistic Study of the Formaldehyde Oxidation Catalyzed by MoS2 Supported Single Co Atom Catalyst
CHE-P-15         Yodsri Nanakorn
A DFT Study on a Single Transition Metal Doped C3N for CO Oxidation Reaction
CHE-P-16         Kansuda Trisuwan
Computational Study of the Direct Carboxylation of Methane with Carbon Dioxide over the Metal–Organic Framework NU-1000
CHE-P-17         Pimjai Pimbaotham
Understanding the Performance of the Single Transition Metal on M-Decorated Nitrogen-Doped Graphene for Formic Acid Decomposition: A Theoretical Study
CHE-P-18          Ratchadaree Intayot
Ti 4 -Decorated B/N-Doped Graphene as High-Capacity Hydrogen Storage Material: A DFT Mechanistic Study

April 29, 2021 18.20-18.40

KPS-P-01 Chalarat Chaemchamrat
Green Synthesis of Selenium Nanoparticles using Phyllanthus emblica Fruit Extract and Selenium Uptake in Sunflower and Morning Glory Sprouts
KPS-P-02   Piyapha Cheamchoi
Synthesis of Coumarin Derivative and Effect of Seed Coating with Biopolymer and Coumarin Derivatives on Sweet Corn and Tomato Seed Quality
KPS-P-03   Suphanni Jaichueai
Structures and absorbance properties of the combination of chlorophyll and anthocyanin used for dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC)
KPS-P-04   Sitthichok Srisang
Removal of organic solvents in water by carbon aerogels from pomelo peels

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