High Performance Computing, Computer Science, and Engineering (CSE)

  • ANSCSE24: Abstract CSE
  • Full paper will be published in Special issue of Thai Journal of Mathematics index by SCOPUS, Computational and Mathematical Methods index by ISI, Journal of Science and Science Education

Invited Speaker

Prof. Ken-ichi Nomura (University of Southern
California, USA)
Neural Network Quantum Molecular Dynamics (NNQMD) for Water and Covalent Glasses
30 Apr 2021 9.00-9.30
Prof. Rachata Ausavarungnirun (KMUTNB, Thailand)
Utilizing System and Hardware to Accelerate HPC
30 Apr 2021 9.30-10.00
Dr. Sakda Tridech ( Pollution Control Department, Thailand)
An Application of High-Performance Computing in Chemical Transport Model
30 Apr 2021 10.00-10.30

Oral Presentation

Chairman: Dr. Manaschai Kunaseth
Co-chairman: Asst. Prof. Arthorn Loisruangsin

CSE-O-01: Dr. Putt Sakdhnagool
TARA: A Year in Review
30 Apr 2021 10.40-10.55

CSE-O-02: Dr. Aliyu Muhammed Awwal
A new algorithm with structured diagonal Hessian approximation for solving nonlinear least-squares problems and its application to robotic motion control
30 Apr 2021 10.55-11.10

CSE-O-03: Saknarin Channark
Progressive iterative approximation method with memory and sequences of weights for least square curve fitting
30 Apr 2021 11.10-11.25

CSE-O-04: Sani Aji
Derivative-free method for solving system of nonlinear equations with application
30 Apr 2021 11.25-11.40

CSE-O-05: Idris Ahmed
Analysis of a Caputo HIV and Malaria Co-infection Epidemic Model
30 Apr 2021 11.40-11.55